Most of the time foot pain is a result of a faulty relationship between the bones/muscles and ligaments of the foot. The smallest  misalignment can result in a variety of problems including flat feet, bunions, corns, calluses, heel pain, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain. These problems are corrected with the use of custom made ORTHOTICS .

As part of a routine physical examination, A Chiropractor  will begin from the ground up.  Your feet are the foundation of your posture, your walking pattern, and most important, your balance.  Any misalignment, physical defect, wear and tear will eventually show up as a problem in the ankle,knee,hip,spine  ORHOTICS while worn, restores the neutral biomechanical arches of the feet.  Once your feet are supported correctly, there is less undue stress on the balls of the feet, ankles, shins,knees,hips,low back, and all the way up the spine.

The casting or fitting for ORTHOTICS Q&A is painless, involving foam impression s, plaster molds, computer analysis.  Once the Chiropractor has completed the fitting, most patients receive their ORTHOTICS within 2 weeks.  ORTHOTICS are vital in the maintenance of the spinal corrections/adjustments the patient receives for musculoskeletal injuries.    Most extended health benefit plans cover ORTHOTICS.  Check your benefits, look at your feet, look at your shoes for abnormal wear, notify the Chiropractor.


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