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What’s the difference between Newmarket Chiropractic  Clinic’s custom Orthotics and other shoe inserts?

Prescription Orthotics that the Newmarket Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic provide are custom-made to fit your exact needs, ie. your foot biomechanics,  the way  you are supposed to move. They are custom made to the shape of your feet.   Over the counter supports that can be purchased at a drugstore,department store, roadshow , health store, etc are prefabricated, mass produced and fit by size.  This means unless you are custom fit by a Chiropractor you are wasting your time and money.

What are custom foot Orthotics ?

Custom Orthotics are specially made shoe inserts that support your feet while you are standing, walking, weight bearing, running,  etc. Orthotics stabilize the supporting ligaments and muscles of the bottom of the foot.
Orthotics are first molded to the patient's neutral, non weight bearing position of the foot.  This procedure ensures that the bones, ligaments, tendons and musculature are in the optimum, non stress position.

What conditions will Custom Orthotics help with?

There is a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions Orthotics will help with, such as:  Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, Bunions, Ankle injuries, Shin Slints, Knee pain, Bursitis,  Heel Spurs, Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Mid Back Pain, NeckPain, TMJ Pain, Arthritis, and most Weight Bearing injuries.

How do custom Orthotics work?

The Orthotics are made to mirror the bottom  of the foot in a non weightbearing (sitting) posititon.  This position ensures the maximum amount of supportfor the bottom of the foot.   Now that the foot is supported in the correct postion, the knee,  hip, lower back, and the rest of the spine have less undue STRESSES caused by a foot fault. Orthotics are easy to wear and can be moved from shoe to shoe.  Wearing Orthotics ensures your feet are supported correctly and help prevent muscle/ bone/ ligament strain.

How long  does a patient need to wear Orthotics ?

Orthotics , while worn will correct improper foot mechanics and provide optimal support for your feet. Orthotics should be changed every year due to the amount of wear,  just like changing the tires on you car.  Once a patient has a couple of pairs of Orthotics , they can move  them from shoe to shoe, j ust like rotating  tires on your car, to increase shelf life. Orthotics are corrective and help prevent stains and sprains arising from improper foot mechanics.  Once a patient is fitted for Orthotics , it is recommended they be worn at all times to achieve maximum correctuon.  Check your Health Plan, most Insurance companies provide coverage of one pair of Orthotics per calendar year.

When should a patient start wearing Custom Orthotics ?

As soon as possible.  Most foot pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries respond to treatment when the foot is set in the correct Anatomical position.  Your feet are the foundation of your body mechanics, just like the foundation of a house, if it is not constructed correctly the rest of the construction of the house will be changed accordingly.  When we have a flat tire, we either fix it or replace it, same for flat and fallen arches.  While a patient is seeing a Chiropractor for any number of physical problems,  the corrections made by the Chiropractor are more effective, lasting longer when the foundation is correct.

How long do Orthotics LAST?

Most Orthotics last 1-2 years.  As many Insurance companies allow coverage for 1 pair per year, it is suggested that the patient be casted 2 years in a row. In many cases the patient/s feet will change slightly in the first year, especially children.  Orthotics can vary in flexibility and support.  The amount of support depends on the activity of the patient.  With multiple sets of ORTHOTICS the patient can increase shelf life by moving them from shoe to shoe.  Many long distance runners will multiple pairs of the same runner, they will rotate the  runners they wear  to increase the life and performance of the shoe. Orthotics are like running shoes, they must be redone from time to time in order to make the most correction and provide maximum support.


Initial examination of the patient begins with visual inspection of the patient in a weight bearing (standing) position.  The Chiropracto r will assess the alignment of the patient's feet, ankles, shisn, knees and hips.  By having the patient bend at  the knee, watch the patient walk,  the Chiropractor can tell if the patient is tranferring body weight incorrectly.  Most commonly the arches have fallen, also known as Pes Planuscausing  Subtalar Overpronation, This condition allows  weight to transfer to the inside of the foot.  SUBTALAR oVERPRONATION causes unnecessary strain on the ankles, shins,  knees,  and all the way up the spine.  By Placing the patient's feet in thecorrec position, the Chiropractor explains the changes and the patient can feel the difference.  The patient is then casted or fitted , the foot impressions are sent to qualified Custom Orthotics labs.  The patient will receive the Orthotics within 2 weeks in most cases.  The patient will be instructed to start wearing them for a couple of hours per day,  within 2 weeks, the patient will be wearing them all day.  Normally, the Chiropractor evaluates the corrections on an ongoing basis.

How much do Orthotics cost?

Custom made Orthotics can range from $400.00-$600.00 depending on modifications.  Most insurance plan will cover the cost for 1 pair per calendar year.  Please check your Health Plan and notify the Chiropractor .


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