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PLANTAR FASCIITIS  is the term given to the inflammation of the thick connective tissue/ligaments/muscles that support the arches of the bottom of the foot.  Basically the Plantar Fascia begins at the heel bone (Calcaneus) and splits into several bands of tissure as it connects to the toes.  The Plantar Fascia, along with the bone/ligaments is responsible for maintaining the arches of the feet.



PLANTAR FASCIITIS begins with abnormal stresses to the bottom of the footsuch as: a sudden change in normal weight bearing, prolonged use of fimproprer footwear, a weak FLAT FOOT  , excessive SUBTALAR OVERPRONATION, a variety of sports injuries, improper balance, spinal misalignments, prolonged standing/ walking/ running with incorrect supports, etc.  abnormal weight gain.  The pain associated with PLANTAR FASCIITIS is normally worse in the morning, especially getting out of bed and taking the first few steps.  The pain persists throughout the day and usually increases with physical activity.







Effective treatment of this condition includes Low Volt TENS, Ultrasound, Accupressure points, deep Frinction Massage, stretching, Muscle  Stripping of the Plantar Fascia, Achilles Tendon, Posterior & Anterior Shin musculature.  The patient is advised to ICE the bottom of the foot as much as possible, put pressure on a tennis ball with the bottom of their foot and gently roll the ball back and forth, stretch their calf muscle on a regular basis.  ORTHOTICS are recommended to help support the arches, and prevent further injury due to faulty foot mechanics.