Vitamin D - Get Your Levels Tested

Why should you have your Vitamin D levels tested? 

Well… over 1/3rd of Canadians have vitamin D blood levels below the cut off, and many are deficient. 

I often get asked by patients whether they should continue taking Vitamin D supplements throughout the summer months. 

The answer? Well, It depends. for many of us we do. 

The only way to really understand where you’re at is to test your Vitamin D levels in the blood. This gives us a good target on how we need to proceed moving forward. 

I see LOW vitamin D come back on bloodwork all the time. 

Well, why do we care about vitamin D so much?

Vitamin D has SO many benefits and supports so many processes within the human body here are some of them: 

  • Protecting bone health and reducing the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis 

  • Supporting our immune system, especially important with autoimmune diseases

  • Supporting mood / mental health, depression, anxiety

  • Reducing PMS and dysmenorrhea 

  • Supporting fertility and pregnancy as Vitamin D sufficiency reduces the risk of miscarriage

  • Acne support 

  • And the list goes on!

What dose should we use to supplement? 

Most products you will find on the shelf in Canada will have 1000IU or 2500IU per softgel or per drop if liquid. Whether you need more or less, this depends entirely on your Vitamin D stores in your blood, another important reason to test! 

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Written By Dr. Kendra Zamick, ND

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